Monday, October 31, 2011

NaijaClicks: Bringing you closer to the markets

Most of the time we go to market to buy products or services, we often don’t know exactly where to buy that product, which shop or exactly the address of the shop to buy the Product. Even if you know, you do not know whether they have that product or not anymore.
NaijaClicks Online Store
Why can’t we have a system where we can search for a product or service we wish to buy and know exactly where to get it? A system that will reduce the time we spend in a market making it more efficient and effective.
Having a system like this is not easy. Most businessmen believe being in the market premises is enough for them to make profit, there are tools that can help them make more profit. One of them is the Internet.  The Internet will be beneficial to businesses because Internet has no boarders, one search on the Internet will take a person to your product/services.  Imagine 43 Million Internet users that Nigeria has doing an Internet search on where to get Products/Services and your business happens to be listed on the system.
NaijaClicks brings an innovative business idea into practice where businesses can take their businesses online by using one of the services NaijaClicks offers. NaijaClicks brings to the public a Revolutionary online store that functions exactly the way a conventional store function. On NaijaClicks, individuals can also advertise to sell their products of services for FREE and Our Advertisement rates are the cheapest ad rates in the country.
Are you a businesswoman who runs your business from home? You can now take your business online by opening an online store on NaijaClicks for as low as twenty naira.  Have your upgraded your Laptop to a newer version and wants to make some cash by selling the old one, Your PC can meet its future owner on NaijaClicks at no cost.
NaijaClicks Management is on schedule to bring the NaijaClicks mobile app that will run across all platforms of Mobile and smart phones (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows).  The mobile app brings users closer to goods and services available in every market.
You can view NaijaClicks on and Contact us at or you ‘like’ us on Facebook on  and follow our tweets on @naijaclicks.

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