Thursday, March 27, 2014

Katsina: A Start-Up State.

I came across This Article [Transformation of Katsina State to Harness Modern Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Socio-Economic Development] By Aminu Mamman Ibrahim.  The Article was written in March 2006.  Since then, a lot of things about Katsina changed.

My piece will talk about my Area of Interest, Information and Communications Technology.  Since the time the above article was written and presented, the Government and Private Sector played an important role in the development of ICT in Katsina State.  The Department of Science and Technology was created by this current Administration and since then have swung into action by Establishing an ICT Institute and Business School, The Youth Craft Village is also run by the Department, Two more craft Centres are being constructed in Daura and Funtua Senatorial Zones respectively.

With the right Infrastructure and Resources in place, Katsina can become the Silicon Valley of Northern Nigeria.  Becoming a Start-Up State is the Vision I have for my Dear State and my points of achieving this are as follows.

The Major Institutions of Higher Learning in Katsina Town are either sharing Fences or Opposite each other, Location of these Institution that are close to each other will not only bring students of respective Institutions closer, but collaboration between the schools in Areas of Enterpreneurship, Infrastructure and other Resources that will aid the State towards achieving the Start-Up State status.  Along the New Ring Road at Kabukawa Quaters of Katsina, a New State of the Art ICT and Business School is being Built by The State Government.

To Start with, The Secondary Schools under the Science and Technical Education Board, Katsina shall be the focal point whereby Students can be introduced to Core IT Programmes such as Programming in C, C++, Java and Other Object Oriented Programming Languages, Basic Networking, Software Development Practices and Processes, Computer Security e.t.c. If a Solid foundation is laid, then the structure shall be strong. For a Start, a Pilot taste shall be done in Three Schools in the state, One from each Senatorial Zone. Teachers/Instructors with Strong ICT background shall be employed under the State Accelerated ICT Programme under the Science and Technical Education Board. I believe wholeheartedly, if the above is planned and discussed, The vision will be realised.

Graduates from the above Schools shall be admitted in to the ICT Institute and Business School, There, they will be introduced to courses that they have prior knowledge of like Object Oriented Programming Languages, Mobile Application Development on Multiple Mobile Operating Systems (BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Symbian and Java), High End Networking from Cisco Systems, IT Security from EC-Council, System Administration; MCITP from Microsoft and Many More Industry Certificates.  At the Institute, Students shall be introduced to Enterpreneurship (Technopreneurship),  This will give them insight into how the developing countries makes use of Centres like the Institute to achieve Socio-Economic Development.  I also would propose to the Department of Science and Technology or The Institute to create a Business Incubator (like TechStars, Y-Combinator, Co-Creation Hub e.t.c) which will help launch the Next Big Idea in the ICT World. Students upon graduation, will be admitted into the Incubator which will run for between 4-6 Months.  At the end of the Session, a Demo day or Road Show should be held which will enable Graduants to showcase their Business Ideas to prospective Investors and Venture Capitals.  The Institute could also invest into the Companies which in return get Equity of Between 10-15% stake in the company.  The iDEA Project under the Ministry of Communications Technology could be a Great addition into the Institute, Locating the Centre within the Institute or close to the Higher Institutions axis would give birth to Katsina Innovation Corridor (I will write on it later).

I read earlier about the MOU signed between The Informatics Institute of Singapore and The State Government on Getting the support of the Singapore Based Institution to run the ICT Institute and Business School. I totally object this idea because, the same Institute that worked with Jigawa State did not yield any result.  My reason is simple; There is no Single Student or Graduate of the Informatics Institute, Kazaure that has developed any Product/Application with National or Global Usage or patronage.  To achieve the Start-Up State Status, We have to Change Course!

Achieving the Start-Up State status would be realized there by Developing "The Next Big Thing" from the Home of Heritage and Hospitality; Katsina.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Shop Different with NaijaClicks
Vision:  To bring product and services closer to people.
Mission: Provide a platform for advertisement at an affordable rate
A new marketing tool for business
Provide an efficient and effective platform that lessens time spent in the market by a customer
Provide access to product and services with a single click.

NaijaClicks is an Internet platform that aims to redefine the way we buy and sell generally in Nigeria.  The main aim of NaijaClicks is to make buying and selling Better, Simpler and Easier through tools/features of the NaijaClicks system.
With NaijaClicks, businesses shall increase their revenue/bottom-line with the power of Internet.
In the 21st century, only the fast wins, businesses can now join the race by taking their businesses online with NaijaClicks.
Internet is like Oxygen to Businesses, the faster you take the advantage of Internet, the better for the businesses and the future.  Internet has no boarders, by taking your business online; you can now sell your product and services between states with the aid of Internet and NaijaClicks being the platform that made it possible.
With NaijaClicks, you can tell the whole Nation about your product and services.
NaijaClicks will have a mobile app that will work across all mobile platforms; iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Java mobile app.
NaijaClicks has three major features, namely;
·         Online Store
·         Advertisement, and
·         Classified ads (Sell an item)
ONLINE STORE: the revolutionary online store brings the features of physical store to store owners, with the online store; businesses can display their product and services on a NaijaClicks online store.
There are three types of stores on NaijaClicks, they are:
·         Basic Store
·         Standard store, and
·         Premium Store
Basic Store: the basic store lets people know what Internet can do to their businesses. The features of this store are:
ü  Fee: Free
ü  Duration: 6 months
ü  No of Items: 10
ü  Features: Control Panel
Standard Store: Businesses with products that are less than 100 can choose to go for this type of store.
ü  Fee: NGN25,000
ü  Duration: 1year
ü  No of Items: 100
ü  Features: Control Panel and Multiple themes
Premium Store: Businesses with more than 100 products can choose to go for this store.
ü  Fee: NGN40,000
ü  Duration: 1 year
ü  No of Items: Unlimited
ü  Features: Control Panel and multiple themes
ADVERTISEMENT: advertising on websites have now become a platform where products and services can be displayed, NaijaClicks offers an unbeatable pricing for advertisement on its website. To know more on the Prices, go to
CLASSIFIED ADS (Sell an Item): the classified ads let people advertise their personal items on NaijaClicks at no cost. This is another channel in which NaijaClicks will bring products and services to its customers.
Customers can advertise their personal items for the duration of 2 months.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

UMYU erects new Infrastructures

I came across these sets of pictures from a friends Facebook page and thought I share them...

Ummary Musa Yaradua University are now leading the chase for Renewable Energy Research in the country, their new institute was donated by PTDF.[Pictures here]
Centre for Renewable Energy Research

The state of the art infrastructure in the campus is one to rival any other in the country.
Sabbatical Staff Quaters

the 1001 seat lecture theater is almost ready for use by UMYU.[pictures here]
1001 Seat Theater

Monday, October 31, 2011

NaijaClicks: Bringing you closer to the markets

Most of the time we go to market to buy products or services, we often don’t know exactly where to buy that product, which shop or exactly the address of the shop to buy the Product. Even if you know, you do not know whether they have that product or not anymore.
NaijaClicks Online Store
Why can’t we have a system where we can search for a product or service we wish to buy and know exactly where to get it? A system that will reduce the time we spend in a market making it more efficient and effective.
Having a system like this is not easy. Most businessmen believe being in the market premises is enough for them to make profit, there are tools that can help them make more profit. One of them is the Internet.  The Internet will be beneficial to businesses because Internet has no boarders, one search on the Internet will take a person to your product/services.  Imagine 43 Million Internet users that Nigeria has doing an Internet search on where to get Products/Services and your business happens to be listed on the system.
NaijaClicks brings an innovative business idea into practice where businesses can take their businesses online by using one of the services NaijaClicks offers. NaijaClicks brings to the public a Revolutionary online store that functions exactly the way a conventional store function. On NaijaClicks, individuals can also advertise to sell their products of services for FREE and Our Advertisement rates are the cheapest ad rates in the country.
Are you a businesswoman who runs your business from home? You can now take your business online by opening an online store on NaijaClicks for as low as twenty naira.  Have your upgraded your Laptop to a newer version and wants to make some cash by selling the old one, Your PC can meet its future owner on NaijaClicks at no cost.
NaijaClicks Management is on schedule to bring the NaijaClicks mobile app that will run across all platforms of Mobile and smart phones (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows).  The mobile app brings users closer to goods and services available in every market.
You can view NaijaClicks on and Contact us at or you ‘like’ us on Facebook on  and follow our tweets on @naijaclicks.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing NaijaClicks to the World

This is the question people often ask, what is NaijaClicks?
My answer usually starts with NaijaClicks is a platform that aims to redefine the way we buy and sell in Nigeria. And there comes the second question. How?
At this point I will tell people what NaijaClicks does. NaijaClicks has three major features, ONLINE STORE, ADVERTISEMENT and CLASSIFIED ADS [sell an item]. With these three features, we bring you close to products and services in every market. You are just a clicks away from accessing products/services information in every market in Nigeria.
With NaijaClicks, Nigerians can take their businesses to a new level, if you have a physical store, you can have a second store by opening an online store on NaijaClicks, if you want to create publicity for your product/services, you can advertise it on NaijaClicks and if you have a 2nd hand product, you can sell the item on NaijaClicks.
Are you the type that goes from shop to shop in a Market asking for a product/service? NaijaClicks will take it from here!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

World's Richest Politicians

Now this is a very interersting list of politicians, a few numbers seem off because they don’t really make a lot of sense but they might only be off by a few billion. Some of them say they are verified by Forbes but I don’t have a clue how Forbes would even be able to verify some of them as they have assets unknown to people.
  • 10 Hans-Adam II, The Prince of Liechtenstein $7.6 billion 
  • 9 Silvio Berlusconi – The Prime Minister Of Italy – $9 Billion
  • 8 Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the current President of the United Arab Emirates $18 billion
  • 7 Sonia Gandhi, the Italian-born, Indian President of the Indian National Congress $19 billion
  • 6 Hassanal Bolkiah, Sutan of Brunei $20 billion
  • 5 King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz $21 billion
  • 4 Bhumiboi Adulyadej, Monarch-King of Thailand $35 billion
  • 3 Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin $40 billion
  • 2 Hosni Mubarak, the former President of Egypt $70 billion
  • 1 Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates $80 Billion

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    New Blog...

    I have spent a considerable amount of time on this particular blog and thought it is time I change to a new domain due to the following reasons:

    • Content: Writing a blog is all about content, what your blog contains and what will attract readers to your blog, I believe having a new domain will lead to new readers and better content that what I use to have, a personal blog...
    • Domain: I intended to have a domain for my blog instead of having an extension...
    • Money: Having the above will lead to getting revenue to take care of some other things in my life...
    • My readers: I will promise you something, I will dedicate more time to my new blog that I am considering, My last blog post will be on the new blog.
     Until then, stay tuned as I take my blogging life to a new level.